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Gunsmithing, a trade devoted to the 2nd  Amendment and American Freedom.   
                                                                      © Ernie Paull     


Trigger Springs for Rifles
Lighter Trigger Springs for a lighter trigger pull. 
Available for over 30 Makes & Models of rifles.
Deluxe Spring Kits, Ejector Springs & Trigger Alignment Pins.
  Trigger springs for Shotguns
Light Trigger Springs for 3 Remington Shotguns.
"As seen in Turkey & Turkey Hunting Magazine"
Accu-Risers will convert your Aluminum V Block Stock to the more accurate Pillar Bedding System.
  Aluminum Pillar Bedding Kits
"Bed Heads" Pillar Bedding Kit for Remington M-700 BDL.
"Bed Heads" Pillar Bedding Kit for Winchester M-70
"Bed Heads" Pillar Bedding Kit for Winchester M-670 and M-70A
Bedding Pillars for most FN Commercial Mausers.
Blank for your custom M-98
Aluminum Pillar Bedding Stock
Blank, for your custom  Pillars.
  " Pillar Align" Pillar Installation Tools
Pillar Installation Countersinks
Pillar Installation Tool Kits
Gunsmithing Odds and Ends
#1   Pillar Bedding and the Flexible Rem. Receiver.
#2   Glass Bedding vs. Aluminum Pillar Bedding.
#3   Pillar Bedding, it's all about your actions "comfort".
#4   Ensure Alignment of Aluminum Bedding Pillars.
#5   Aluminum Pillar Bedding for a more Accurate Rifle.
#6   All Stocks need Pillars, even stocks with Aluminum Bedding Blocks.
#7   Machine "Bed Heads" Pillars to Length.
#8   Winchester M-70 M.O.A., Install a Light Trigger Spring.
#9   M-700 X-Mark Pro Adjustable, Install a Light Trigger Spring.
#10 CZ M-452 and M-455, Install a Light Trigger Spring  and More.
#11 Browning A Bolt, Install a Light Trigger Spring.

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     Gunsmithing, a trade devoted to the 2nd  Amendment and American Freedom.    
                                                                                                               ©  Ernie Paull