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For a more accurate rifle, a lighter trigger spring is the easiest starting point of all.
Trigger springs available on this website are divided, by weight of pull, into three general categories. 
 These are "Hunter", "Varmint" and "Target". 
The following is an approximate weight of pull available after installation of one of these springs.
"HUNTER", roughly 2½ to 3½ lbs. weight of pull.  Gun to gun results will vary. 
  "VARMINT", roughly 1¾ to 2½ lbs. weight of pull.  Gun to gun results will vary. 
    "TARGET", roughly 1 ¼ to 2 lbs. weight of pull.  Gun to gun results will vary.       .
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 Gunsmithing Odds and Ends

 Gunsmithing Project N0. 1.  Pillar Bedding, and the flexible Remington receiver.

 Gunsmithing Project N0. 2.  Glass Bedding Vs. Aluminum Pillar Bedding

 Gunsmithing Project N0. 3.   Pillar Bedding, I'ts all about your actions "comfort"

 Gunsmithing Project N0. 4.   Ensure Alignment of Bedding Pillars

 Gunsmithing Project N0. 5.   Aluminum pillar Bedding ,for A more Accurate Rifle.
 Gunsmithing Project N0. 6.   All Stocks Need Pillars, even stocks with aluminum bedding blocks.
 Gunsmithing Project N0. 7.   Machine "Bed Heads" Pillars to Length
 Gunsmithing Project N0. 8.   Winchester M-70 M.O.A., Install a Light Trigger Spring.

 Gunsmithing Project N0. 9.   M-700 X-Mark Pro Adjustable, Install a Light Trigger Spring.

 Gunsmithing Project N0. 10. CZ M-452 and M-455, Install a Light Trigger Spring & More.
 Gunsmithing Project NO.11.  Browning A Bolt, Install a Light Trigger Spring.


     On this site, you will find the largest selection of light trigger springs for rifles available anywhere.  A "trigger job" which includes a lighter trigger spring, and a "stress free" pillar bedding job are two of the most effective ways available to increase rifle accuracy.

If you want a lighter trigger pull, you need a lighter trigger spring!

    I have worked with gunsmiths in the past who, when the subject turned to trigger springs, preferred to clip them, grind them, heat them, bend them, smash them, or simply back out the weight of pull screw until there was no or almost no pressure on the spring. With any of these methods, you get a spring whose rate is rapidly rising as the trigger is pulled.  As the trigger is released, the spring rate rapidly decreases as it approaches full or near-full extension.  A more uniform weight of pull will be achieved when the trigger spring is compressed within its normal working range throughout the entire movement of the trigger.   Finally, we all have access to rifle trigger springs that will lighten your rifle trigger pull without having to resort to any of the above procedures.  In the long run, the benefits of saved time, plus more uniform and reliable results, will more than offset the cost of these springs.  If you want a lighter trigger pull, you need a lighter trigger spring.  


   Would you like a more accurate rifle? Aluminum pillar bedding is a large part of this process
   On this site you will find a large selection of pillar bedding products, with the most complete instructions available. 
    In the first 7 Gunsmithing Odds and Ends features, I try to answer some of your questions about Rifle Bedding, Glass Bedding vs. Pillar Bedding, Pillar Installation Tools, and those Step by Step pillar installation instructions which include 82 photos!            
Aluminum Pillar Bedding for Accuracy, a step by step guide
  "Why to do it", "How to do it", "What stocks need it", and "How to know if you have done a good job!"
The Power to do Good, and the Power to do Harm.  The Power is in the Trigger Guard Screws.
   Years ago, bench rest shooters controlled the ability of the trigger guard screws to do harm, by eliminating them completely.  With a hunting rifle however, we simply do not have this option.  When a rifle might be used in almost any type of weather, we must maintain the ability to disassemble this rifle for maintenance and cleaing.
   The following 7 projects in Gunsmithing Odds and Ends, are focused on methods to eliminate the ability of the trigger guard screws to do harm, while at the same time, retaining their original purpose.
   #1.  Pillar Bedding, and the flexible Remington receiver.  How much guard screw torque is necessary to bend a Remington M-700 receiver?  It is less than you think!  See 9 photos to find out!
   #2.  Glass Bedding vs. Aluminum Pillar Bedding.  Read one gunsmith's conclusion, based on 37 years of experience in this area.
   #3.  Pillar Bedding, it's all about your actions "comfort" 
   #4.  Ensure alignment of Aluminum Pillars.  No expensive jigs, fixtures, or milling machines are necessary.  12 photos show how!
   #5.  Aluminum Pillar Bedding for Accuracy, a step by step guide in 24 photos.  This "Two Step" installation process is designed specifically to deal with the action flexibility described in Gunsmithing Odds and Ends #1.
   #6.  Convert your aluminum bedding block stock to the more accurate pillar bedding system, in 17 photos.  It's easy!  All stocks need pillars, even stocks with aluminum bedding blocks.
   #7.  Machine "Bed Heads" Pillars to Length.
  No liability is expressed or implied for damage, injury or death resulting from the improper installation or use or misuse of these products.  The use of any custom parts or modifications may void any warranty from the manufacturer of your firearm.  We strongly recommend that the safety and function of your modified firearm be checked by a qualified gunsmith.

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