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 Aluminum Pillar Bedding Kits  

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Aluminum Pillar Bedding Kits

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  Bed Heads Aluminum pillar Bedding Kit Rem. M-700 BDL

Fits Remington M-700 BDL Rifles. 
For more consistant rifle accuracy.  These pillars are ready to use, with no cutting or adjustment necessary.  Adjustable sounds easy, but there is nothing easier than having the right length and the right contour to begin with.  They are also a perfect depth guide when inletting custom stocks.
Are pillars just spacers or a solid foundation?  It depends on how you install them!

Item #400

Regular price $27.95 

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  Bed Heads Aluminum Pillar Bedding Kit Win M-70

Trim to fit all Winchester M-70 Rifles
   One end of each pillar is machined square to match the flat bottom of the receiver, with the other ends machined on the correct angle to match the hinge plate at the front, and the trigger guard at the rear.

These pillars are longer than necessary, to allow custom fitting for each rifle.


Item #402

Regular price $27.95