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CZ M-452 and M-455 Varmint Trigger Spring

Lighten your rifle trigger pull. 

   Over all, the CZ is a great rifle at a bargain price.  However, one common criticism is a heavy trigger pull, with lots of creep.
   Your triggers weight of pull will be determined in most part, by 4 factors.  #1, Sear/Trigger engagement angle.  #2, Amount of this engagement.  #3, Surface finish.  #4, Weight necessary to compress the trigger spring.  Easy access is only available to one of these factors.  This is the weight of pull spring.
   The weight of pull spring is easy to change, and will reduce your rifles weight of pull by 1½ to 2½ pounds.  The amount of creep which remains in your trigger pull, however, will not change.  At this point, some people will be satisfied with the simple reduction in weight of pull.  Others however, will also want to reduce the amount of creep.  This is best left to a gunsmith, who is familiar with these triggers.
   I sell this spring with the understanding that it is just one necessary portion of a complete trigger job.
   You can spend more money, and you can spend more time, but the best value is still obtained by replacing the trigger spring, and tuning the original trigger.

  For more photos and installation instructions, click  on Gunsmithing Odds and Ends, below then scroll down to #10.

Gunsmithing Odds and Ends

No liability is expressed or implied for damage or injury which may result from the improper installation or use of this product.
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