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No. 11. Browning A Bolt Install a Light Trigger Spring

 Picture #1
   Before working on any firearm, be certain that it is not loaded.

   Every picture tells a story, but with the Browning A Bolt only two of them are necessary.  It is a simple spring to install.
   The screwdriver is pointing to the screwdriver slot in the weight of pull adjusting screw.  Turning this screw "Out" or counter clockwise, increases the pressure on the weight of pull spring.
   When installing a new trigger spring, the first step should be to turn this screw "In" or clockwise.

 Picture #2
   After turning the weight of pull screw "In" simply push out the trigger pivot pin with a small punch.  this can usually be done with hand pressure alone.
   Now, the trigger can be pushed forward, as seen in picture #2.  Drop out the old spring, and replace it with the new lighter weight spring.  Re-align the trigger pivot pin holes while also compressing the new trigger spring.  Replace the trigger pivot pin.
   Replace the bolt assembly in the receiver, then check for reliable function of both the trigger and the safety.

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No liability is expressed or implied for damage or injury which may result from the improper installation or use of this product.

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