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N0. 8. Winchester M-70 M.O.A. Install a Light Trigger Spring .

   Lighten and smooth the NEW M-70 M.O.A. Trigger introduced by Winchester in 2008.

 Picture #1

   A new 2008 M-70 barrel and receiver with M.O.A. trigger assembly.
   This receiver also has a "Bed Heads" Aluminum Pillar Bedding Kit attached.

 Picture #2


   Just tap out the two retaining pins like this, and the trigger assembly drops right out.  No springs fly, and no parts fall out.  The trigger assembly remains a self contained unit, just as you see it here.

 Picture #3


   New M-70 M.O.A. trigger showing epoxy applied by Winchester to seal access to weight of pull, and over-travel adjusting screws

 Picture #4

M.O.A. trigger, left side view.

 Picture #5

M.O.A. trigger, Right side view.

 Picture #6
   A closer view of the trigger attachment area in the new (2008) M-70 receiver.
   Once again, when removing the trigger, just tap the two pins out to the point shown in this picture.  When it is time to re-assemble, place the trigger unit in the receiver, line up the holes, and tap the pins back through the trigger assembly.  (You may be able to push the rear pin back through the trigger housing, with finger pressure alone.)

 Picture #7
   M.O.A. trigger assembly with weight of pull adjusting screw, and the weight of pull spring.  Then, the actuator pivot pin, which has been driven far enough out of the trigger housing to allow removal of the actuator.  And then the "actuator" itself.
   When assembled, the weight of pull spring is located by the small "peg" seen near the top of the actuator.

 Picture #8

   The actuator has been placed over its pivot pin, and the spring has been placed over its locating "peg"
   This picture is just to show the proper relationship of these parts when assembled in the trigger housing.

 Picture #9
   Begin re-assembly by installing the new spring through this hole.  Place actuator in the housing from the bottom, and slide upward toward the spring.  Use a small screw driver to reach in through the hole and compress the spring enough to allow passage of the actuator and its spring locating "peg".  Release pressure on the spring while guiding it over the "peg'.  Then drive the pin in place.  Re-install weight of pull adjusting screw.  Now the trigger assembly is ready to re-install on the receiver.  Simple is good! 
   This spring should allow a weight of pull from about 2½ to 3 lbs

To purchase this spring click on link:  Trigger Springs for Rifles

No liability is expressed or implied for damage or injury which may result from the improper installation or use of this product.
Item #2008