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Remington M-700 Ejector Spring Kit
   2 reduced power Ejector Springs fit all Remington M-700's  M-7, 40X, XR-100, & XCR Tactical

   Available separately, or as part of my Deluxe Spring Kits, are 2 reduced power ejector springs. 1 light and 1 medium.
   These ejector springs are easily changed and offer the hand-
loader or target shooter a choice in how far fired cases are
 Picture #1
 Picture #2  Shows remlightejectorsprkit.jpgBrownells bolt ejector tool being used to hold ejector in place, handy but not necessary.
ejected from the gun.
   As an example, when firing from the prone position, the light spring will eject the fired case about 6 to12 inches from the gun.  This makes it so easy to reach out and pick up your fired cases  without even moving from your firing position. 
   The medium spring will eject the case slightly farther, but not so far out into the weeds that you can't find it.  
   Accuracy is also improved, because the ejector is placing less sideways pressure on the loaded round.  This off-center pressure forces the bullet to the side, as far as the chamber will allow, and out of alignment with the bore. 
   If your rifle needs to do double duty as a big game rifle, it will be easy to re-install your original ejector spring as no modifications have been made to your bolt or ejector.
   Older Remington M-700's have a solid ejector retaining pin which is headed on one end.  These pins should be driven out from the proper direction.  Newer Remington M-700's have a roll or spring type ejector retaining pin which can  be driven in or out from either direction.  My Ejector Spring Kit contains a replacement roll type ejector retaining pin which will work in both old and new guns.

No liability is expressed or implied for damage or injury which may result from the improper istallation or use of this product.

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