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No. 7. Machine "Bed Heads" Pillars to Length

All "Bed Heads" pillars for M-70 Winchester are longer than necessary, to allow custom fitting for each rifle.

   Note, this same process also applies when it is necessary to shorten the Remington M-700 ADL front pillar to fit a custom stock, or a custom front guard screw escutcheon.  Just remember, this time it is the Lower end of the pillar that gets trimmed.

 Picture #1

   If you have a lathe, you will of course, use it to trim these pillars to length.
   Picture #1 shows a dial indicator being used to measure the length being trimmed from a pillar.

 Picture #2

   If you do not have a lathe however, you can still do a very nice job of machining these pillars to length, and square, to match the flat bottom of the M-70 receiver.  This set-up requires a drill press with some type of adjustable quill stop, a drill press vise with 1 "prismatic"  jaw to locate the pillar vertically and a 1/2" counterbore with a 5/16" pilot.

 Picture #3

   The "Bed Heads" pillar ID is reamed to .312 (5/16") this reamed hole provides an accurate fit for the Teflon sleeves during the pillar installation process.  It also provides an accurate fit for the 5/16" (.312") pilot on the end of the counterbore. These counterbores and pilots are available from MSC and other industrial tool suppliers.


Interchangeable pilot counterbore

3 flute

1/2" diameter

7/16" Shank

3/16" Pilot shank

MSC part # for USA made tool 08812323

Interchangeable Pilot

3/16" shank

5/16" Pilot

MSC part # for USA made tool 78904208

 Picture #4

   The counterbore pilot has been lowered into the pillars ID.
   Turn the drill press on and continue to lower the quill until the stop has been reached.

 Picture #5

   In picture #5, The pillar has been cut to length.  The accurate fit between the pillar ID and the counterbore pilot has made it possible to achieve a nice smooth finish on the end of this pillar.
   All that is necessary now, is to de-burr the outside edge.

No liability is expressed or implied for damage or injury which may result from the improper installation or use of this product.

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