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Aluminum Stock, Blank, , Model BH-2 for Military M-98 Mausers


Your Key to an Accurate and Stress Free Bedding Job


                                  Aluminum bedding pillars, Model BH-2, for Mauser M-98. 

   Pillar bedding stock for the front pillar is 1/2" OD X .384 ID, stock for the rear pillar is 3/8" OD X .277 ID, e
ach piece is 4" long, this length will allow custom fitting to almost any Mauser M-98 type large ring action.  Both military and commercial. 

 Picture #1
 Picture #2



    In pictures #1 and #2, you see the trigger guard being held in place against the receiver by hand pressure alone.  Do not use the trigger guard screws to hold the trigger guard in place while taking this measurement.  It's to easy to bend the trigger guard and get a false reading with the caliper.  Write down your measurements taken at the points shown in pictures #1 and #2  Add .030" to each measurement.  This will give you the length for each pillar.  Use a lathe to trim the 3/8" diameter piece of stock to length for the rear pillar.  The 1/2" Dia X 4" long piece of stock is long enough to be held in your lathe chuck while parting off the correct length for your front pillar.  

 Picture #3

   Now assemble the receiver, the pillars, the trigger guard, and trigger guard screws.  Tighten these screws.  You should now have a .030" space between the receiver and the magazine box.  You can measure this with a "feeler" gauge, as shown in picture #3.  This spacing will promote reliable feeding, prevent bullet points from jamming between the receiver and the magazine box, and prevent the magazine box from contacting the receiver, which ruins accuracy.  


 Picture #4


   Picture #4 shows the pillars cut to length and in place on the action.

   If the inletting in an existing stock needs to be modified so as to be compatible with this new receiver/magazine box spacing, it should be done now.


   We Mauser fans respect the genius of Paul Mauser who designed this action over 100 years ago.

   We should also respect Paul Mausers understanding of the need for additional bedding support in the stock.  An integral part of his design was a cross bolt in the front, and a steel pillar in the rear of all military stocks.

    Mausers need pillars even more than other rifles.  They are part of the original design.


No liability is expressed or implied for damage or injury which may result from the improper installation or use of this product.

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