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Aluminum Pillars, Model BH-1 for F.N. Comercial Mausers


Your Key to an Accurate and Stress Free Bedding Job

   Model BH-1 Accuracy Building Blocks are cut to finished
 Picture #1
 Picture #2
 Picture #3
 Picture #4
 Picture #5
length for use on F.N. 300 Commercial Mauser Actions such as the Sears M-50 and others. In picture #1, you can see where both the front and the rear pillars are located on the receiver. The Bed Heads Rear Pillar is the correct diameter (3/8") to fit into the pocket shown in picture #2. This pocket, or seat, is machined into the trigger guard precisely for this purpose. Paul Mauser put it there to accept the bottom of the steel sleeve (Bedding Pillar) which is located in all military stocks. Picture #3 shows the pillar in the pocket. When installed on an F.N. 300 action, these pillars should establish a .030" to .035" space between the bottom of the receiver, and the top of the magazine box. This spacing will promote reliable feeding, prevent bullet points from jamming between the receiver and the magazine box, and prevent the magazine box from contacting the receiver, which ruins accuracy. In picture #4 you see how this space can be measured with a "feeler" gauge. Picture #5 shows the front and the rear pillars in place on the action.

   If the inletting in an existing stock needs to be modified so as to be compatible with this new receiver/magazine box spacing, it should be done now.

   For you gunsmiths and stock makers, these Accuracy Building Blocks also provide the perfect inletting depth guide when inletting a custom stock.

   We Mauser fans respect the genius of Paul Mauser who designed this action over 100 years ago.

   We should also respect Paul Mausers understanding of the need for additional bedding support in the stock. An integral part of his design was a cross bolt in the front, and a steel pillar in the rear of all military stocks.

   Mausers need pillars even more than other rifles. They are a part of the original design.

   I am a fan of the commercial Mauser Model 300 actions manufactured by F.N. in Belgium during the late 1940's and early 1950's I see them as a standard in terms of quality and uniform dimensions.

   I needed a set of Mauser Aluminum Bedding Pillars that would also serve as a standard in terms of dimensions. This is why I sized them to fit these early F.N. Mauser actions.

   You know that old line about how "your results may vary", so my suggestion to any of you who expect to do a few of these Mauser pillar bedding jobs, is that you purchase a set of these BH-1 pillars which can be used over and over again as a standard starting point when determining what pillar length will be just right for your action, plus a set of the BH-2 pillars which you can cut to that length.

No liability is expressed or implied for damage or injury which may resultr from the improper installation or use of this product.

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