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Remington Rifle Models, 4, 74, 742, 7400
   This spring fits the following models, and is intended for use in clean unmodified trigger assemblies in excellent condition.

Remington Model 4
Remington Model 74
Remington Model 742
Remington Model 7400

How many of you own one of these rifles?
How many of you have wished for a lighter trigger pull?

Installation of this spring will reduce your weight of pull by 1 to 1 ¼lbs.

Picture #1, shows the tools necessary to remove and replace the trigger assembly in the receiver.

Picture #2, shows the trigger assembly with original spring.

 Picture #1 Picture #2
 RemRifle4010.jpg ReRifles001.jpg
Picture #3, shows original spring being removed.

Picture #4, shows,trigger assembly with no spring installed.

 Picture #3 Picture #4
 RemRifle004.jpg REMRifle442no4.jpg

Picture #5 Shows, new spring being  installed.

Picture #6, Shows, trigger assembly with new spring in place.

 Picture #5 Picture #6
 RemRifle2004.jpg RemRifle002.jpgRemRifle002.jpgRemRifle002.jpgRemRifle002.jpg

Before loading with live ammo, ensure that all safety features of gun are fully functioning.

No liability is expressed or implied for damage or injury which may result from the improper instalation or use of this product.
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