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Aluminum Pillar Bedding Kit for Winchester M-670 or M-70A

Trim to fit all Winchester M-670 and M-70A Rifles
  (These rifles have M-70 like receivers, but do not have a hinged floor plate like the M-70.)
   One end of each pillar is machined square to match the flat bottom of the receiver.  The lower end of the rear pillar is machined on the correct angle to match the angle of the trigger guard, while the lower end of the front pillar is machined at 90 degrees to fit squarely against the front guard screw escutcheon found on these rifles.
  Like the pillar kits for M-70, these pillars are longer than necessary, to allow custom fitting for each rifle.


   Here are the contents of the "Bed Heads" Aluminum Pillar Bedding Kit.
   On the left, are the front and the rear pillars.  These pillars are 1/2" outside diameter, X 5/16" (.312") inside diameter.  Next are the Teflon sleeves, these sleeves are .312"  OD X .250" ID.  These sleeves play an important role in the bedding process, as they center each pillar on its guard screw.  The next 2 parts in line are the black plastic spacers, and the steel spacer/washers.  These 2 parts provide a means by which your actions trigger guard screws can be used to tightly and accurately locate these pillars against the receiver, but without placing pressure on the receiver in a way that would cause it to bend. These two parts are used only while completing the first step of the "2 Step" pillar bedding process.  After the pillars have been epoxied into the stock, (step one) the barreled action will be removed from the stock by removing the guard screws.  Also remove the steel washers and the black plastic spacers from the lower end of the pillars. These two parts will not be reused. However, the Teflon sleeves will be left within the pillars during the remainder of the bedding job.  This is done to prevent leakage of epoxy into the I.D. of the pillars while the second application of epoxy is being completed.

                    Three pillar bedding a Winchester M-670, M-70A and M-70

   There is no doubt that a more solid bedding foundation could be achieved by incorporating a 3rd aluminum pillar in such a way that it became a real load bearing support for the action, just as the front and rear pillars are.  I have a vision of how this could be done, unfortunately however, this vision does not include a magazine box of "normal" capacity.  The strongest bedding, and therefore, the greatest accuracy, would be achieved by using 3 pillars, a single shot adapter, and no magazine box cutout in the stock at all.  Nearly the same results could be achieved by limiting the magazine box depth, to a capacity of no more than two 30-06 head diameter rounds.  I would only recommend that this 3 pillar bedding job be employed in a custom stock that could be inlet in a way to provide 360° full circle support for the middle pillar.  These modifications would limit the rifles suitability to that of a long range varmint, or target rifle.
                                           Standard 2 pillar bedding job for these same rifles.
   As sporting stocks for the M-670, M70A and the M-70 are currently manufactured, no thought or provision has been included that would provide adequate support for a 3rd, or middle pillar.  Without this support being available in the stock, our best alternative is to bed the rifle on 2 pillars.  Most of these rifles, however, have 3 trigger guard/action screws.  What do we do with the middle guard screw while we are completing a 2 pillar bedding job?
   Lets refer back to my "2 Step" bedding process.
Step 1. Install a pillar foundation.
Step 2. Epoxy, that will become a full receiver contact bedding surface, is spread in the stock.  After this soft epoxy has been applied, the front and rear trigger guard screws are used to pull the receiver down into place against its solid 2 pillar foundation.
   This foundation, of course, consists of one pillar at each end of the receiver.  If the middle guard screw were also installed at this time, it would easily pull and bend the receiver downward between the 2 solid pillars, and into the soft bed of epoxy
                          This would not become a stress free bedding job
   Therefore, this middle guard screw is not re-installed until after the epoxy has completely hardened.  Also, during your final asembly, I recommend that this middle guard screw not be tightened as much as the front and rear screws.  If you tighten the front and rear screws to 40 inch lbs., only tighten the middle screw to 20 inch lbs.

     By ordering the "Bed Heads" kit for Winchester Model 670 and 70A, your kit will contain an extra long (1.125) front pillar which is machined "square" on both ends.  You will be able to trim this front pillar to whatever length is necessary to work with your factory or custom front guard screw escutcheon.

Go to Gunsmithing Odds and Ends #7 to see how pillars are cut to length.

No liability is expressed or implied for damage or injury which may result from the improper  installation or use of this product. 
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