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Bed Heads Aluminum Pillar Bedding Kit Win M-70

Trim to fit all Winchester M-70 Rifles


   The upper end of each pillar is machined "square" to match the flat bottom of the receiver. The lower end of each pillar, (As seen with rifle in shooting position,) is machined on the correct angle to match the hinge plate at the front, the angle on the bottom of the magazine box, and the angle of the trigger guard at the rear.
    We have added a center punch mark, to the lower end of each pillar. (The end closest to the hinge plate, and the trigger guard.) When installing these pillars on the receiver, face these dots forward. (toward the muzzle). This will orient the angled lower end of these pillars in the correct direction to match the angle of the trigger guard, and the hinge plate.
 During its years of production, (1936-2006) the M-70 has had at least 3 variations of the trigger guard/floor plate assy. and 3 action lengths (Pre-64, Post-64, and Post-64 short). 
   With this variety of combinations, a single length pillar is not possible.  These pillars are longer than necessary to allow custom fitting for each rifle.


Here are the contents
of the "Bed Heads" Aluminum Pillar Bedding Kit.

   On the left, are the front and the rear pillars. These pillars are 1/2" outside diameter, X 5/16" (.312") inside diameter. Next are the Teflon sleeves, these sleeves are .312" OD X .250" ID. These sleeves play an important role in the bedding process, as they center each pillar on its guard screw. Next in line, are the black plastic spacers which also serve to center the guard screw within the pillar. Last, are  spacer/washers. These 2 parts provide a means by which your actions trigger guard screws can be used to tightly and accurately locate these pillars against the receiver, but without placing pressure on the receiver in a way that would cause it to bend. These two parts are used only while completing the first step of the "2 Step" pillar bedding process.  After the pillars have been epoxied into the stock, (step one) the barreled action will be removed from the stock by removing the guard screws.  Also remove the steel washers and the black plastic spacers from the lower end of the pillars. These two parts will not be reused. However, the Teflon sleeves will be left within the pillars during the remainder of the bedding job.  This is done to prevent leakage of epoxy into the I.D. of the pillars while the second application of epoxy is being completed.



   The pillars installed in this
post 1968 M-70 receiver/trigger guard combo are just as you receive them, and have not been trimmed or modified in any way.

   Here is the same receiver, trigger guard & pillar assembly shown in the previous photo, but with the addition of the magazine box.  You can see how closely the trigger guard/floorplate angle matches the angle of the magazine box even when there is no contact between the two.  (There is a .065" space between the magazine box and the under side of the floor plate in this picture).  This space exists, because the pillars are longer than necessary.  
   This extra length allows for fitting to any combination of Winchester M-70 parts, manufactured from 1936 to 2006.


   Here is another view, illustrating the fit between
the trigger guard and the floorplate, even when there is no support under either of them.


   The length of these "Bed Heads"  pillars have been trimmed to be compatible with this Williams 1 piece trigger guard and floorplate assembly.  The original angle machined on the lower end of these pillars, remains unchanged.  This angle is specific only to model 70 Winchesters.


   Here, we see "Bed Heads" pillars installed in a pre-64 M-70 action.
   The trigger guard and floorplate line up like this with no pressure or tension between them because, once again, the lower end of each pillar has been pre-cut to match the angle of the hinge plate, the magazine box, and the trigger guard.  I mention this angle so often, simply because it helps so much, to make things fit.  T
he pillars in this photo have been cut to a length that matches this rifles unmodified factory stock plus .010.

   When fitting to YOUR stock, the most important consideration, however, is that the pillars be long enough that they prevent any contact between your rifles magazine box and its trigger guard assembly.  Exactly the same principle as described in:

Gunsmithing Odds and Ends #5


  You can convert your M-70 to "ADL" style with blind magazine or no magazine.
   By ordering the "Bed Heads" kit for Winchester Model 670 and 70A, your kit will contain an extra long (1.125) front pillar which is machined "square" on both ends.  You will be able to trim this front pillar to whatever length is necessary to work with your factory or custom front guard screw escutcheon.

Hear is a link to Gunsmithing Odds and Ends #7 to see two examples of how pillars are cut to length.

No liability is expressed or implied for damage or injury which may result from the improper  installation or use of this product.
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