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Accu Risers = Consistent Rifle Accuracy
   This "Accu-Riser" kit will provide a stress free means of support for your receiver.  It will support the receiver slightly above the original aluminum V block bedding surface, while we form a soft bed of epoxy between the two.
   As the epoxy hardens, the receiver will continue to be supported by the Accu-Risers in exactly the same stress free way.  This means that the epoxy has formed itself to fit, and support a receiver that has already found its own relaxed position in a bed of soft epoxy.  (As opposed to being forced into a stressed position by pressure from the trigger guard screws.)  After the epoxy has hardened, it and the Accu-Risers will continue to support the entire underside of the receiver in this same stress free position.
   Remember Ernie's Rule:  For the least amount of stress in your action, build your foundation while using the least amount of force!

This Accu-Riser Kit fits The following applications:

Remington M-700 in an H-S Precision, a Bell and Carlson Medalist, or a Remington factory installed stock with an aluminum bedding block.   
H-S Precision Pro-Series 2000, in an H-S Precision stock. 
Winchester M-70 in an H-S Precision or a Bell & Carlson Medalist stock.

Note:  I do not recommend Accu-Risers for use with rifles or stocks not mentioned above.

For more photos and installation instructions, click  on Gunsmithing Odds and Ends, below then scroll down to #6.



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